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Infrastructure development is crucial to any country’s development. It is the pillar on which the country stands with dignity.  The fundamental facilities and systems that serve our country, obviously needs heavy investments on a daily basis. This will include the services and facilities necessary for Indian economy to function smoothly.

Need for Infrastructure Investment

During current times, India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra) stated that the infrastructure sector is showing signs of stability in the recent years. There are four parameters that is, policy direction, institutional strength and regulatory maturity, financial sustainability, and implementation ease that have translated in judging the signs of stability. This has activated the infrastructure requirements towards an average assessment in the terms of daily requirement of investment. According to ratings firm CRISIL, India needs to spend at least Rs 50 lakh crore over the next five years or close to Rs 3000 crore a day to sustainably build its infrastructure. This was rated in the year 2017.

Attractive Indian Domains in Infrastructure

Infrastructure falls under the hard infrastructure and soft infrastructure categories. Hard infrastructure is the physical infrastructure of roads, bridges combined with the soft infrastructure of human capital and the institutions. The combination of the two actively forms the back-bone of every nation that is looking to cultivate its infrastructure in a planned manner. Transportation services that include building roads, bridges, cycle tracks, highways, or railways, airports and shipping ports and warehouses. These are typical transport infrastructures.

On the other hand, energy infra will include production and delivery of energy such as electric grids and wind mills, or else, solar panels for solar energy. Similarly, water infrastructure such as building dams, cleaning of river basins, and such kind of other activities are needed in building Indian water infrastructure. As a matter of fact, lots of white space is currently available in safety and resilience infrastructure, as well as health and education infrastructures.

Open to Infrastructural Investments

Investment attractiveness and maturity always depends on the kind of readiness that the country is open to – at all times. Considering the good governance initiatives that currently India is partaking on the global map, many investors from abroad are very keen to participate in India’s development. This keenness is especially observed from amongst the Far East and Middle East Nations of Asia.

The interest in India’s growth as a nation not only would help grow with technological standards, but also brings in the international trends that are the vogue in the world. Transportation, communication, sewage, water and electric systems are brilliant examples of infrastructure that needs high-cost investments. Basic roads and power lines for a new housing development would need extremely high investments, too.

All types of social infrastructures are yet another major sphere that needs a mega investment towards maintenance and building of healthcare and hospitals. Important segment of social infra is the education industry that includes building and maintenance of schools and universities.


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