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There are a number of India funds available in the market for offshore investors. However, each of these funds offer very general broad based India exposure with no identifiable strategy for sectoral selection. Our strategy aims to achieve exposure to large capitalization stocks by following bespoke investment thesis to determine sectoral weightages.

Athena Large Cap Dynamic is a strategy that is managed and implemented by the manager within Athena Diversified Fund Limited (ADFL). The fund is domiciled in Bermuda and is authorised and regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

Investment Objectives & Risk

The primary objective of this strategy is to achieve superior risk adjusted returns in the large capitalised equities in India. The strategy aims to beat the benchmark Nifty 50 index in India. It seeks to achieve this by choosing sectors and market leaders from the large cap space without getting tied to exposure to all sectors.

Investment Approach

The key theme is to seek exposure weightage in the large cap space based on their risk adjusted return potential rather than pure market capitalisation, which an index does. This also has the ability to reduce the volatility of the portfolio compared to that of the index. We then select best in class domestic funds. This allows us to access local expertise and increased diversification.