Welcome to The Athena Capital Limited where ideas create value


For us brokerage is either a facilitation business or a conviction call business. We do not strive for daily brokerage trades and hence we do not chase buyers and sellers for any and every stock. We do either one of the two following things.


  • When a customer needs to purchase or dispose a particular position, especially in a name that does not trade very actively or wishes to do so without drawing unwanted attention, then they come to us. We do not trade with other brokerage houses, we do not take principal positions i.e. we do not carry any baggage around. We only facilitate trades amongst our clients.
  • Other than that, we call our customers when we see a great opportunity – either an investment or a trading call. We will call you and pound the table till you are convinced of our ideas or you convince us that we had a lousy one. Again, these calls are convictions calls and we do not carry any positions to trade against.

Execution only

We can provide access to most listed Equity, Debt, Currency, Commodities and their derivatives across the globe. This is especially for instruments that are traded electronically. We can also access a number of products that are traded OTC only. All you have to do is give us a call.


We settle our trades through a number of institutions specialising in clearing and settlement