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What is the one reason for an unhappy client who has given money to a professional manager? Losses ? Underperformance compared to some benchmark or some other portfolio? Lack of trust in the manager’s ability Or is it something else?

Our years of experience in managing and advising on investments for institutional and individual investors has lead us to believe that a dissatisfied client is the result of a conflict of understanding of the client’s objectives by the manager and manager’s strategy for achieving client’s objectives by the client.

And it is on this above mentioned philosophy that we have formed our asset management business. We aim to achieve what the client desires using all the resources that we possess. Our business rests on the following pillars:

  • Thorough understanding of client’s investment objectives and requirements.
  • Thorough assessment of Client’s risk parameters.
  • Awareness of client’s overall investment objectives.

We currently manage / advise assets close to USD 600 million. With the planned launches and money already committed we hope to take this figure to over USD 1 billion in the next 12 months.

We are working towards launching a number of new funds in the near future to complement the existing strategies and make them available to a wide audience. In the immediate pipeline are a Real Estate Fund, and a family of UCITS Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) tracking various public or private indices, debt fund targeting Indian government and corporate debt.


We offer bespoke products in the following broad categories

Global Portfolios

These portfolios are long only portfolios focussed on the developing markets of US and continental Europe, with limited exposure to the rest of the world markets. Global portfolios focus on liquid large cap stocks, liquid high grade debt and major currencies only. This is essentially a core portfolio for a major currency based investor seeking broad based developed market investments. This could be part of the core investments. Here the bias is on asset allocation strategy rather than stock picking.

India Portfolios

Investors looking to participate in one of the most rapidly evolving economies of the world today opt for the Indian Portfolios. Unlike China which grows because of its government, India grows in spite of. And herein lies the difference between the 2 countries. The pace of economic growth in the India has been robust in spite of the lack of basic tenets of expansion in industrial activity anywhere in the world, i.e. infrastructure.

We currently manage multiple strategies covering a wide spectrum of opportunities in India. A combination of one or more such strategies allows us to offer bespoke portfolio construction tailored to each investors’ needs. Apart from focussing on growth there are strategies ranging from the passive beta play to pure alpha generation. We also have portfolios offering access to the high yielding Indian debt market.