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The Athena Capital Limited is an boutique Investment Banking firm focusing on Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Wealth Management and Brokerage.

Investment Banking

India is a growth story that will extend beyond the immediate horizon of 2-3 years which most market participants tend to focus on. There is an increased momentum in the economy drawing in several parts of the country  and propelling ...

Investment Management

What is the one reason for an unhappy client who has given money to a professional manager? Losses? Under performance compared to some benchmark or some other portfolio? Lack of trust in the manager’s ability Or is it something else?

Wealth Management

The Wealth Management service is aimed at helping high net-worth individuals and families in managing their wealth. We start with creating an investment policy statement or understanding it if the customer already has one.

Open Platform

While we offer various portfolio strategies for direct investors we cannot possibly know or deploy all the investment styles. Also, while there are a number of asset managers investing in India a lot many managers are looking to deploy their ...


For us brokerage is either a facilitation business or a conviction call business. We do not strive for daily brokerage trades and hence we do not chase buyers and sellers for any and every stock.